Jordan Hewitt

Tech Creation Lead in Full Stack Software Development

An Experienced Software Engineer for Your Team's Long-Term Success

Why hire me for your team?

I've got the experience.

It's one thing to claim you know software. It's a different matter entirely to have a breadth of industry experience to back it up. In my 12+ years in software I've maintained and upgraded cloud infastructure systems; built complex, custom solutions for B2B clients; and collaborated with stakeholders to ensure proper delivery and solid architecture.

I've got the knowledge

Having my breadth of knowledge is what makes me a vaulable senior or tech lead on any software development team. I am an expert problem-solver and love mentoring future developers.

I've got the PASSION

Not just a passion for innovation, but a passion for people and purpose. As you'll soon find, I posess a strong ethic of ownership, a determined attitude, and a sense of humor to keep up the team spirit!

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