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With over 10 years in the industry, an author of several open source projects, and having served dozens of clients...

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Whom I Serve

Scaling Startups

If you have customers, funding, and a hunger, I have the expertise to take you business to the next level!

Whether it's creating a mockup, scraping, or process automation, I'll not only design a custom solution for you, but I'll design one to set you up for success!

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Small Businesses

They didn't even see you coming!

If you're already pretty steady going, but are plagued by major headaches, such as repetitive tasks, outdated websites, or other annoyances, let's get those out of the way so you can focus on customers!

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Medium Businesses About to Go Big

Whether you're marking down the days until an exciting product launch or have a legacy app that's frustrating employees and clients, let's work to get a better solution in place so you can enter a bold new frontier with confidence!

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A History of Bold Excellence

Champion for the Underdog

Reporter Finder

Previous platform written on poorly-deployed WordPress instance.

1st Stage: Rescue the WordPress project & put it under version control.

2nd Stage: Job Board plugin

3rd Stage: Migrate to Django application with CI/CD Pipeline and full automatic unit testing.

I want something like this


(Code Name)

Mock-up for startup in stealth mode

Vue front-end; Database functionality mocked with NanoSQL. Deployed the project with full automated testing.

I want something like this

Sor Juana (codename)

Agent-Tier System for a real estate company.

Managed agents, tiers, commissions; calculated total commission & commission cap.

Deployed on deployment service.

I want something like this


Organization needed internal Django application for easy customer communication over SMS/email with the Mailgun & Bandwidth APIs

Continued ongoing support and maintenance as customers continued to use the product for daily use.

I want something like this

Author of Open Source Projects

Ink In Time

Privacy-friendly scheduling system that aims to be fully customizable and easily deployable on self-hosted solutions.

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I want something like this


Converts Python projects based in requirements.txt to be converted to a poetry-based project.

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I want something like this

Pricing Packages


$ 99 .00

/ hr

20-30 hours per month depending on workload.


Starting at

  • Hit the ground running with an awesome mockup!
  • Includes docs on how to get the app set up
  • Deployed on hosting service of your choice!

Full Stack App

Starting at

  • Full-fledged application to fit your needs
  • Fully tested
  • Version-controlled
  • Deployed on a cloud provider of your choice!
  • Email support