Jordan Hewitt

Tech Creation Lead in Full Stack Software Development

My Process

My process for getting hired on full time very straightforward:


Discovery call

This is a time when we discuss the state of your current product and where you'd like to take it. I'll ask lots of questions to determine how I can help.


Follow-Up (If Needed)

If needed, we'll schedule a follow-up call to discuss timeline, budget, and other estimates.


Start Work on the Project

I'll begin working on the project, communicating throught the course of development. If anything comes up, I'll be quick to let you know.



Because I provide frequent updates, there won't be a lot to correct upon delivery. However, we'll schedule a final call to discuss anything within the scope of the work that you think should be improved upon.

Of course, these steps are flexible. For example, if the project is ongoing then I'll be making frequent deployments.