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Jordan Hewitt

Portland-Based Professional Software, Web, and Tech Expert

More than a Software Developer

My name's Jordan. I'm a relationship-driven software developer who strives to create joy, fun, and freedom in peoples' lives.

I work with small and medium sized businesses to build products, improve technology, and transform the their business from being average to being phenominal.

In addition to being in technology for well over 10 years, I've also written (and acted in) plays and music. I'm an avid hiker and photographer, and explore ways that art, philosophy, and humanity relate to each other in order to serve people better.

I'm on this earth to serve people professionally in many areas besides tech. In fact, I incorporate technology into many facets of my business and products.

Let me lead your team, your business, or you (personally) into a season of growth and abundance.

🛡️ Top-Rated Full Stack Developer on UpWork

I provide technical expertise to ambitious businesses that want to do something big. I bring more than a decade of experience to the table to empower your business to not only succed, but thrive.

I help create a development workflow to lessen the demand for repetitive, manual tasks while also creating the actual software product your customers are looking for.

In short, I'm here for your success.

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